See what's happening at GSL, both in store and at various events.

Closing for christmas - 15% off selected items

Our website will be open over the 2 week break, and we'll also be running a 15% off selected items sale for the whole period. You're welcome 🤙

12 hours of great deals!

Hope you're enjoying our first ever Black Friday sale! We've got a whole heap of great deals store wide that you wont be able to score at any time but today...

We're switching up the format

The final Diesel Assault of the year is coming up, and it's coming fast! The 6th of December is the date so save, because it'll be the first Diesel Assault of it's kind. That's right, we're changing up the format.

GSL at your fingertips

Hey guys, so we finally did it! We've got our online store running and it's fantastic! yeah it's not completely finished yet, but let's be honest, it'll always be getting updated.




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