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With many years of experience in tuning the full Toyota range, and more Land Cruises than you can poke a 4’’ stainless steel tail pipe at, you can be guaranteed that GSL’s results are the best on the market. Our track record for creating some of the fastest and most powerful systems in Australia speaks for itself.
Request a Custom remap of your ECU to maximise performance and fuel efficiency.

Unbeatable performance gains Unbeatable performance gains

It’s a common misconception that all ECU remaps are the same; all giving the same tunes for your vehicle. Truth is, every engine, driver, and drive style is different - we at GSL know this. We create our tunes based on your personal needs, unlike many company’s which just apply a standard tune for all vehicles. By focusing on getting max power in the standard driving range, and low-down power, along with custom refining every engine in it’s own way, we’ll make sure you get all the power your engine has to offer. A large amount of cruisers we tune have previously been tuned, but require touching up in the little things - little things that are just as important to us as power and torque.

  in-house dyno Scotty on laptop remap

Whether you need a remap for your daily, a torque heavy monster for towing heavy loads, or just looking for pure speed performance, we specialise in suiting the tune to your needs. We don’t make the mistake of only looking at power and torque, but we make sure the AFR’s are looked after, the boost pressure is considered, and that all these little things don’t get forgotten.

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