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Step up your Land Cruiser game with our stainless steel exhaust systems
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Engine Upgrades
Industry leading performance upgrades and under bonnet bling for your Land Cruiser
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Add-on accessories that help improve the quality of life to your vehicle.
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Increase power

Improve reliability

stress free performance

Tow with more power.

Get more from your diesel 4WD with the right performance upgrades. If you’re towing something heavy or have a large load on the back, make sure you’ve got power when you need it. Get more out of your engine by increasing airflow, keeping it cool, and upgrading key engine components. We’ve got diesel performance products to get you where you want to go.

Travel further with improved reliability.

Protect your engine with parts designed for harsh Australian conditions: dusty, rough, hot conditions that demand strong and quality products. We’ve thoroughly tested and refined our products, then fabricated and assembled by hand, to give you the ultimate peace of mind when you’re pushing your 4WD in new territory.

Drive a rig you love.

Why drive something mediocre? After all, it’s the journey not the destination right? Get there with a smile on your face in a 4WD that performs, enjoyably. GSL products are built to perform, but also happen to look damn fine. Brushed stainless steel, high quality finishes, and well fitting products that will make your rig look and sound like a beast.



"Working with GSL Fab is the peace of mind I feel when I'm in the middle of nowhere. My confidence stems from knowing that their vast experience, impeccable workmanship and attention to detail is the difference between getting home on time or not."

Dr Anthony Collins

"I have not found a better company to deal with and GSL are the only company I trust for my tuning needs. The 4" stainless exhaust was the first upgrade and I loved it, no better exhaust on the market. The turbo upgrade and the remap I absolutely love it as well.
Bite the bullet if you are from interstate or if you are a local send your Landcruiser to GSL, they welcome everyone who comes into the shop. They have years of experience and will happily take you through every product they sell and they do not give you the cold shoulder when you ask 100’s of questions. P.S I LOVE this company"

Patrick B

“A couple of Redneck Aussie bogan’s done well.
Credit where it’s due. These guys are the absolute best at what they do.
Awesome work. Awesome blokes. Awesome customer experience.
If you love Landcruiser’s, this is the place to go..."

Jonny W

"There are tuners & then there are TUNERS.
There are accessories & then there are ACCESSORIES.
You can do a build from MILD to WILD .
If you want the best, from proven and tested performance upgrades, to fitting stainless & billet accessories , just think of 3 letters GSL . The people, the service, the honesty you get form everyone at GSL is something that is hard to find these days, not there though. I learnt more about how my LandCruiser worked & run than I could of imagined, there is not another workshop that i trust more . 
One very happy 79 series owner"

Craig W

The Team at GSL Fab are fantastic. They build & supply high end quality diesel performance parts. What I like is the family friendly service & advice that they continue with even after the sale. As an example, I’ve had phone conversations with the owner principals on some faults I had running through my LandCruiser and after getting zero from the local Toyota service centre I rang GSL as a last resort, they helped by sending me a quick video which fixed my problems. This was over 18 months after I had purchased from them & did not relate to any of my purchases, but they still helped out. I’ve gone back to them a number of times now to progressively build out my Landcruiser 79. This business knows all the tolerance levels for the top end of your Toyota diesel engine and does real R&D on their own vehicles. What’s also cool is that I feel like they value my custom. I’m not just a sale. Ive invested $$$$$$ here because it’s that bloody good.

LandCruiser 70 Series custom build, towing heavy load
The Ultimate Tourer
Want to see our version of the Ultimate 79 series LandCruiser?

We understand how frustrating it is when 4WDs underperform and we’re here to help you take your vehicle to the next level.


A track record of performance.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped 10,000s of Aussies get the most out of their diesel 4WD.

Performance Guarenteed

We’ve pushed our products to the limit.

We have done the research and development, the pushing of limits and the testing on our own 4WDs so you don’t have to.


We’ve got the pathway to performance.

Most 4WD parts suppliers over-complicate things with a library of products.
We’ve got the pathway to performance:
Air > Engine > Exhaust.

Why choose GSL?

How do our products give your diesel 4WD the edge? Chances are if you’re driving a Land Cruiser or a Hilux, you’re doing more than your average soccer-mum in a 4WD. You might be towing a caravan or a horse float, you might have a large canopy on the back of the ute, or you may be doing long trips over difficult terrain. Whatever it is, you’re asking more of your 4WD and you want it to be able to perform when you need it. 

That’s the way we design our products. We understand you want products that can perform so we put all our effort into ensuring our exhausts, air intakes and cooling systems outperform anything on the market. We only use the highest quality materials; we set the standard for offroad-ready designs; and we thoroughly test our diesel performance products on our own vehicles to ensure you’re getting something you can rely on. That’s why our exhausts are hand made in our workshop, our airboxes are designed with a triple seal and our intakes are stainless steel. We want you to be confident that if it’s got the GSL Fab name on it, it’s adventure proof.

Product Delays?

We get that you’re rearing to go on your next adventure so we’re doing everything we can to ensure our product wait times are as short as possible. While the industry standard has blown out to months of waiting for a product, we’re aiming for just weeks. We’re ordering supplies in bulk and keeping our team prepared to ensure that you get the product you’re looking for as quickly as possible.