GSL Airbox (79 series)

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The GSL 4'' Stainless Steel Airbox

If you want to increase your engines efficiency, all while making it look gorgeous, consider getting your hands on our 4'' Stainless Steel Airbox.

With the ability to not only look great, but help your engine in a massive amount of ways, an airbox upgrade is a great choice. Though they're often referred to as unnecessary, if you plan to upgrade any other parts of your engine, an airbox (and preferably an intake too) is a necessity.


Bigger pipe better flow Bigger pipe better flow

4'' will help your engine breathe

One of the primary reasons you would upgrade your Airbox, is to get a 4'' outlet (generally into a 4'' intake). This increase in air mass will allow the engine to take in more air and work more efficiently. Partner this with an upgraded (K&N) performance pod filter, and you'll be amazed with just what gains you'll get. If you're planning to get a remap (which is HIGHLY recommended), your engine will be able to put out MUCH more power, due to the increased oxygen available to burn. 

MAF Sensor placement

MAF port relocated to suit Intake 

More often than not, a [4''] custom intake will have a hole made for the MAF sensor close to the original location, but - unless it's a 3.5'' intake - you'll probably end up with a dead pedal until 2k RPM... That's why we relocate our MAF sensor to the airbox. When an intake kit is partnered with an airbox, it'll be able to perform much more efficiently (It will require a tune). 



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