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GSL Airbox 76/78/79 series (Panel Filter)

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76/78/79 Series Panel Filter Airbox

PLEASE NOTE: We use the Hilux N80 Air filter in our GSL 79 series Airbox. 

The long awaited 79 Series Panel Filter is available.

A gorgeous replacement for the standard 79 series Airbox. With full stainless steel construction, a clear Perspex inspection lid with a 3D engraved GSL logo, and an easy bolt on installation.


79 Series Airbox

Performance Increase

There's a lot of speculation regarding airboxes improving performance, but with rigorous testing done on our personal daily vehicles, we've been able to feel the difference it makes. The standard airbox suffers from a pretty sub-par seal design. The GSL airbox though can seal all 3 angles to decrease air leakage exponentially. The increased strength with it's stainless steel construction, assures you the seals can't warp and create micro gaps that drop air pressure.

Quality Construction

Fully custom designed through CAD, and tested in house, made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel, durability is no longer an issue. Featuring custom cut perspex inspections lids, with a stylish 3D engraved GSL logo, you can conveniently view the state of your air filter and know exactly when a change is needed. As previously mentioned, one of the primary focuses for this product, was a tight seal to prevent any possible leakage, and using dense insulation foam, we've achieved this no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Fabrication

Amazing fabrication works and welding, though fitment was a little issue as not all 3 mounting points align with the OEM mounting points on a 2014 lc79 model. Also OEM rubbers and bolts are too big for mounting holes provided and need to be modified.
Installation manual or videos would be appreciated for everyone which buys this product online.

However, very happy with the product and it looks amazing.

Great product

Amazing fabrication and welding, it looks amazing but the fitment wasn’t the best, had to do a bit of modifying to get it to fit properly.


Build quality of airbox was second to none very very well constructed airbox. Airbox is more expensive then others on the market but you can see and appreciate the value when you see how much fabrication time goes into making it.
I had gotten to the airbox to fit reasonably well after calling up and asking a couple of questions on fitment. As for all GSL products i have installed and that are fitted to my car a supplied parts list and instructions and or installation videos put on the youtube/instagram channels would be awesome and would be a MASSIVE help for everyone. Especially to people to buy from the online store and are interstate so cannot go to GSL direct and have it fitted. Having to purchase extra brackets/ hardware is a pain and it becomes difficult if you don't know what you do and don't need.
Airbox installed with GSL front mount intercooler kit the box does sit quite close to the piping. I have tried to move the airbox around and the piping around but it still sits quite close. Where the airbox meets up with the SAFARI AIRMAX snorkel it doesn't perfectly line up and is a little off inside where the joiner meets. i will trim down the silicone joiner and try and move the airbox around abit to see if i can rectify this and make it sit better.

Overall very happy with my GSL fab parts and will continue to support Aussie made and Aussie built products !

GSL landcruiser 70 airbox

Bought 2 airboxes one for my 76 series and one for my dads 79 series and they’re a great bit of gear although we did have to die grunge the mounting holes a little to fit the factory bolt and rubber setup in but other than that easy install. Not sure if maybe there’s another way to mount them in so maybe some simple instructions might be a good idea.



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