79 Series Twin 4" Stainless Exhaust System

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Before you Purchase

Our supplied systems may not fit with the following upgrades -

Toolboxes, watertanks, Air Bags, Coil Conversions, GVM Upgrades, chassis extensions.

GSL High-flow Elite DPF System

The Elite DPF System is our own proprietary Active DPF solution that allows better flow, and can handle higher temps than factory. This system however is not available for delivery, and can only be installed in our store, or via one of the certified dealers below

  • Culters Diesel Performance
  • G&L Motor Repairs & Performance

We also do not sell this in sections, but only as a full exhaust system - front to back. Our Elite DPF will also require a remap to setup the burn rate, and other settings to suit your vehicle. 

If you're interested in purchasing an Elite DPF System

Shoot us an email

GSL Twin System

Our twin 4" stainless exhaust system's are our most popular exhaust by far for the 79 series Land Cruiser crowd.

It is what we like to call the full GSL treatment because it produces the sound we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Plus, it’s the sexiest system we offer by far; twin, brushed stainless steel and 4 inch pipe? Yes please!

Please note 

If you have Old Man Emu BP51 shocks installed, you will require custom fabrication to your GSL Twin 4" Exhaust to make the exhaust fit around these shocks, this means we will need to see you in shop for custom fabrication.

The long range fuel tank that fits and compliments our twin 4" exhaust is the Brown Davis 185L long range replacement tank.

If you have the Brown Davis 110L auxiliary tank, you will not be able to fit our twin 4" stainless system and will need to go with the single 4" exhaust system. 

Adventure proof twins

Adventure proof

If you plan on getting a cruiser, chances are you plan on giving it a bit of a hammering, whether it be off-roading, camping, beach driving, Hill climbing or something of the likes. We’re exactly the same, and because of this, we strive to make sure our exhausts are built to withstand the toughest adventures. High quality 304 grade 4’’ stainless steel, sturdy custom folded bracketry, and top quality welding work.


Hand made by true 4x4 lovers

At GSL, all of our piped systems (exhausts, engine upgrades etc.) are made compeltely by hand. With 7 years of perfecting and adjusting these system one bend at a time, our reputation for outstanding quality products will speak for itself. Not to mention, it looks fantastic! All of our products are Australian made and sourced, so you’ll be supporting local aussie suppliers.

  clearance graph   Brushed Finish


The ‘Turbo back’ systems are great for pre DPF models (pre-2017).
They give the nicest note, and best performance gain of all exhaust types, however more recent models are legally required to have a DPF in place. This variant removes the DPF and in most areas is an illegal modification - thereby voiding any warranty’s on the vehicle. This is an option for offroad and track use only.

The system starts with a 5 inch dump, moving into a 4 inch CAT, a 4 inch muffler section, and splits off into two 4 inch tails.

Dump Pipe GSL Front Section Exhaust Muffler Section Y Piece Section Twin Tails section


1 / 5 Dump Pipe 2 / 5 GSL Front Section Exhaust 3 / 5 Muffler Section 4 / 5 Y Piece Section 5 / 5 Twin Tails


Australian made upgraded DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). The main reason for this mod is to give you the V8 note that standard DPF models are lacking. Being a high flow, this eliminates the bottlenecking issue with the standard DPF’s, and assures consistent power with no drawbacks.

This option is great for everyday use, keeping your vehicle compliant with vehicle emission standard.

The system starts with a 5 inch dump, moving into a 4 inch Elite DPF Section a 4 inch muffler section, and splits off into two 4 tails.

The Elite DPF system is an in house only, we cannot post this exhaust system as it does require remapping by GSL. 



This system utilises the standard DPF, while still delivering the great note of our exhausts. If you’re chasing sound over performance, then this is the perfect exhaust. From the back it’ll look just as good, so you don’t miss out on aesthetics either!

This option is great for everyday use, as it’s a little quieter and keeps your vehicle compliant with vehicle emission standards.

The system starts with a DPF to 4 inch adapter section, moving into a 4 inch CAT, a 4 inch muffler section, and splits off into two 4 inch tails.

1 / 4 DPF Adapter Muffler Section Y Piece Section 4 / 4 Twin Tails

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan McCallum
Twin 4” DPF Back

The quality and workmanship on this exhaust surpassed anything I’ve ever seen, the absolute best at what they do and would recommend to everyone

Dual 4” dpf back exhaust

All tracking details supplied, quick delivery to Melbourne, excellent quality product, easy fitment and sounds great! Will be purchasing more products

Holly Sullivan
Twin 4 inch dpf back exhaust

Couldn’t be more happy with the quality of the product and sounds great let alone it arriving in 1 week from ordering 👌🏼

Caleb T
Twin 4inch exhaust pre dpf

Can’t beat the sound and quality of these exhaust big thanks to the boys at gsl

Tayte Perrett

Went together nice and easy fits well