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GSL Airbox 76/78/79 series (Panel Filter)

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76/78/79 Series Panel Filter Airbox

The long awaited 79 Series Panel Filter is available.

A gorgeous replacement for the standard 79 series Airbox. With full stainless steel construction, a clear Perspex inspection lid with a 3D engraved GSL logo, and an easy bolt on installation.

Pre-orders for the sexiest 79 series under bonnet bling on the market are available now.

79 Series Airbox

Performance Increase

There's a lot of speculation regarding airboxes improving performance, but with rigorous testing done on our personal daily vehicles, we've been able to feel the difference it makes. The standard airbox suffers from a pretty sub-par seal design. The GSL airbox though can seal all 3 angles to decrease air leakage exponentially. The increased strength with it's stainless steel construction, assures you the seals can't warp and create micro gaps that drop air pressure.

Quality Construction

Fully custom designed through CAD, and tested in house, made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel, durability is no longer an issue. Featuring custom cut perspex inspections lids, with a stylish 3D engraved GSL logo, you can conveniently view the state of your air filter and know exactly when a change is needed. As previously mentioned, one of the primary focuses for this product, was a tight seal to prevent any possible leakage, and using dense insulation foam, we've achieved this no questions asked.


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