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Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Airbox (Panel Filter)
GSL Airbox 76/78/79 series (Panel Filter) - GSL Fab Pty Ltd | Online Orders
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Airbox (Panel Filter)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Airbox (Panel Filter)

Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series Airbox (Panel Filter)

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Panel Filter

Toyota Landcruiser VDJ70 Airbox (Panel Filter)

The GSL 70 Series Landcruiser airbox upgrade is the only Airbox on the market with three points of sealing contact on the filter. With a durable 304 stainless steel construction, clear perspex inspection lid with the GSL logo 3D engraved, it truly is a gorgeous replacement for the standard factory Landcruiser airbox. Did we mention it is an easy bolt on installation. Designed to fit up effortlessly with the factory Toyota snorkel, and the Safari Armax snorkel. 

Performance Increase

There's a lot of speculation regarding airboxes improving performance, but with rigorous testing done on our personal daily vehicles, we've been able to feel the difference it makes. The standard airbox suffers from a pretty sub-par seal design. The GSL airbox though can seal all 3 angles to decrease air leakage exponentially. The increased strength with it's stainless steel construction, assures you the seals can't warp and create micro gaps that drop air pressure.

Quality Construction

Fully custom designed through CAD, and tested in house, made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel, durability is no longer an issue. Featuring custom cut perspex inspections lids, with a stylish 3D engraved GSL logo, you can conveniently view the inside of your airbox. As previously mentioned, one of the primary focuses for this product, was a tight seal to prevent any possible leakage, and using dense insulation foam, we've achieved this no questions asked.


Our VDJ70 Landcruiser Airbox uses the N80 Toyota Hilux Unifilter, we recommend using this particular filter which is available to purchase as a package.

If you already have our GSL VDJ70 Toyota Landcruiser Airbox and are planning on purchasing one of our GSL Landcruiser Intake Kits, you will need the "Without MAF Port Intake Kit". 

The MAF Plug must be facing upright as per the image below if you're selecting "With MAF Port" when selecting a matching GSL intake. 

If you have the most commonly fitted Safari Armax Snorkel with your factory airbox, you will require a 4" straight silicone and hose clamps to suit.

You will NOT need a retune if you purchase both of these products (Airbox and Intake) together and install them at the same time.

Intake is not included in this kit. 

79 Series Airbox

Installation guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
James Wiencke
The pussy magnet

Very happy with panel filter air box and intake know that it's not sucking any dust in anymore and having to replace standard air filter upto sometime every 1000km it's a massive relief, it's made a small gain up top when over taking which is awesome.

Gods work 2.0

This product is a must have, not haveing one of these would be like going to work without pants on, I mean people will look at you funny and all but you're still at work, this air box puts those pants back on and throws a belt around you for the "just in case". Having a combo of the gsl air box and gsl uni filter will have you're intake sealed tighter than 2 layers of paint on a wall. Carnt get any better than that you ask? Well, you're wrong, throw in a 4in Armax snorkel and those pants you were so worried about leaving behind just got painted on. When one becomes two and two becomes three well, three is where the party starts and I'm telling you, there's gonna be one deadly party happening under you're bonnet. As the big man from Nike says, "just do it" and well, just do it.

Nik Schoeffel
79 series panel airbox and unifilter

Super high quality product! Great customer service! I couldn't be happier.

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