- Diesel - Landcruiser - 300 Kit top mount turbo kit - Diesel - Landcruiser - 300 Kit top mount turbo kit - Diesel - Landcruiser - 300 Kit top mount turbo kit - Diesel - Landcruiser - 300 Kit top mount turbo kit - Diesel - Landcruiser - 300 Kit top mount turbo kit - Diesel - Landcruiser - 300 Kit top mount turbo kit

GSL VDJ70 300 Kit / Top Mount Turbo Kit

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The GSL 300 Kit is what sets our title as Australia's Diesel Kings in stone. With un-beatable results that start at 300kW, you’ll be laughing when you run a quarter mile in under 13 seconds. A colossal engine upgrade, partnered with an Auto Clutch conversion, and a GSL 5 - 4 inch single/twin exhaust, you’ll never need to look for performance upgrades again.

300 kit installed


GSL are known Australia wide to be the kings of performance, and our turbo kits are exactly why. Beautifully custom welded kits that can bump up power anywhere from 200kW to 300kW+. Being used in some of the most powerful LandCruiser's in Australia, such as Iron Will and Patriot Campers Mega 6x6.

Everything we use is Australia made so you’ll also be supporting local businesses when you buy from us.

Turbo lobster back


We are strong believers in quality parts that assure the best performance, longevity, and durability. Even though it costs a little more, the hassle you save from not having failing parts pays itself off. Brands we use include PWR core, Turbo Smart, MoTeC ECU’s, Precision Turbos, plus custom folded and tested stainless steel bracketry to give the look, quality, and ability to ease of maintenance.

  Top hat air intake


The GSL 300 kit is what we like to call the full GSL treatment, from front to back, top to bottom. Consisting of Engine upgrades, Clutch Upgrade, a new Exhaust, Electrical rework, custom Remap and more. 

GSL turbo Kit installed

Driving GSL Exhausts Installed


A full 4 inch Stainless steel Intake system attached to a custom GSL Airbox at one end, with gorgeous lobster back welds and a massive 4 inch gated top mount turbo on the other

Battery Relocation to [generally] under the tray, or in the back

Waste gate kit

Custom fabricated mild steel manifolds and crossover section

Dual Plate HD Clutch Upgrade

Full Stainless steel 5'' dump to 4'' single or twin exit exhaust

Front Mount Intercooler

Custom remap tailored to your build, no presets

Pillar Pod Boost gauges and EGT Gauges

Relocation of some OEM parts


Injectors (pricing depend on year module of Land Cruiser)

From $2,250


If you're only looking for the under bonnet bling of the 300 kit, then here it is. The Top mount turbo kit features the full custom stainless steel 4 inch intake, mild steel manifold upgrade, PWR intercooler and a Top mount turbo.

All of our stainless steel bracketry is custom designed, and folded from high quality 304 grade stainless steel.

T-bolt clamps, rubber fittings, flanges and bolts are all best in class, locally sourced products.
300 kit

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