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GSL Top Mount Intercooler Thermo Fan Kit (200 Series Landcruiser)

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GSL Top Mount Intercooler Thermo Fan Kit (200 Series Landcruiser)

Our Top Mount Intercooler Thermo Fan Kit is a great way to improve the cooling performance of your LandCruiser when it's being pushed in the hot Australian sun. Virtually a plug and play system, along with its integrated fan controls.

200 series fan performance upgrade

Plug and Play System

As far as upgrades go, there's nothing better than one that you can slap straight on with next to no hassle. The 200 Series Top Mount Intercooler Thermo Fan Kit is no different. Simply bolt it onto the OEM mounts, follow the instructions to route the cables to the Power Outlet, and she'll be fired up and ready to go. Being such an easy install makes it much easier to adjust any issues in the future and means there's less to go wrong. Spal Automotive have been in the industry since 1959, so you can expect high-quality, long-lasting equipment.

Built for Extreme Environments and Applications

Using rubber seals to mount it flush with the intercooler face, this piece of kit is made to generate maximum airflow onto your intercooler. With the Adjustable startup temp, everything is automated. All you need to do is drive to your hearts content. If there's one thing about Australia that cars hate the most, it's the heat... heat soak is dangerous for all parts of the engine, so having a method to cool it much faster, is beneficial to your whole engine, not just the intercooler.

Thermo Kit Install Video

Here's a handy guide to help you set up your GSL Thermo Fan Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Robin Mccarthy

Fans are excellent quality and work well. However I have a vibration where the back cover over the fans are touching the cars cowling and they are rubbing on each other and wearing a groove. Have not come up with rectification yet but working on it. Basically insufficient room between the fan casing and the cars intack cowling.

Luke Drakos
200 1VD intercooler Fan Kit

I found the product to be packaged well. And of high quality. I know GSL to be of good standards and quality control these are the pros. Cons we all want to know the cons. No fitting instructions I did find them on YouTube but a nice detailed installation would have been key. Also the ring terminals used were too small for my battery terminals and I had to change these. I found that the intercooler fans do fowl a little slight vibration after install it’s from the sparle fan housings touching the inner intake guard. I solved by opening up the plastic guard in the intake in the bonnet. But over all they work well and keep my air intake temps constant no large spikes and I’m overall happy small little hiccups I hope GSL read this feed back and apply it to their future products.

Nick Pappalardo

Great product well worth it

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