200 Series Torque Converter Lock-up Kit

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The principle of this modification is to achieve more direct drive from the transmission. By locking the torque converter we can  prevent the constant hunting caused by locking and unlocking the converter. It is important we still maintain the factory driveability of the vehicle and this is why we choose to only lock the converter above 80km/h automatically. Below 70km/h the trans can tend to lug as it selects a taller gear and relies on the converter to slip. We have a secondary automatic low speed mode available to lock below this speed and when used in conjunction with the active select mode you can manually hold it down a gear and achieve engine braking downhills.

Each kit includes a speed sensing controller that controls when the lockup is on or off. This controller has two channels which has allowed us to create dual speed automatic modes.

We pre program the default speeds which will work out of the box. these speeds are approx:

Low Speed Lock – 35km/h

Low speed unlock 30km/h.

Auto – Speed Lock – 80km/h

Auto – Speed unlock – 75km/h

The Switch included is a Dual Factory Switch that fits directly into the factory switch panels. There is an Auto Mode and a Low speed Mode. Auto is where you would use 90% of the time. Low speed is for occasional use only and we do not recommend driving in low speed mode all the time. Low can be used for increased engine braking for down hill and also for more Torque for sand driving etc. In Low speed mode please use the Sports shift to change gears as “D” Picks too tall gears at lower speeds.
Fuel consumption can be from 3L /100km better onwards when just driving using the high speed automatic function. When towing this can be considerably more than 3L/100Km.

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