Diesel Assault is close, and we're switching things up...

It's almost that time again!

The final Diesel Assault of the year is coming up, and it's coming fast! The 6th of December is the date so save, because it'll be the first Diesel Assault of it's kind. That's right, we're changing up the format.

In previous years, hundreds of keen Diesel owners and fans have come along either to watch the insanity that the Diesel performance industry in Australia has to offer, or to test their rigs out on the track! This isn't what we'll be changing, so you can have a sigh of relief. The main change is the splitting up of these two elements of Diesel Assault.

Here's what's gonna happen... 

While a sticky and prepped track is great for any car, the performance cruisers need it to get going properly, and because of this, we'll be kicking the morning off with them. They'll be broken into two main categories - Street Diesel and Pro Diesel. With this format, you won't only be seeing the stand out performers in quick succession, but they'll be able to perform at their best too! Following this event, we'll open it up to the public so you can bring whatever you want and throw it on the track - as long as it's a diesel!

We've already got quite the line-up this year for rigs that'll be burning rubber n soot in these categories. Some familiar names include: Frankenmule, Redneck Love, the boys at G&L, Cutlers Diesel from up north, Reeces gold truck from down south, and many more so make sure your there to witness what might be the biggest Diesel Assault yet.

We truly believe this will make Diesel Assault more enjoyable for everyone joining in, and hope you guys do too. The guys as GSL, Frankenmule, and Redneck Love all look forward to seeing ya there! Yeeeww! 🤙

Details for entry

If you have a Diesel Powered vehicle then this is the event for you and best of all you can race for FREE...

Just print off the flyer below, complete and present  it to the gate to race your beast down the 1/4 mile for FREE. As always this is a great night out with plenty of ontrack entertainment. 

Please Note: This event is for Diesel vehicles ONLY.

Flyer can be found here


  • $50 to race, admits entrant only (FREE if you bring printed flyer found above)
  • Spectators $20 adults, $18 students with ID
  • Children 13 & under are free 
  • Passenger rides $20 (see notes below)
  • Passenger MUST be 18 years old as a minimum - ID must be shown
  • $20 per passenger - paid at scrutineering and is additional to venue entry fee
  • Paperwork to be completed at scrutineering
  • Only one passenger permitted in the vehicle at a time
  • Passenger must have approved helmet, long sleeves, long pants and covered shoes
  • Vehicle must have passenger seat, seat belt/harness and windows must be closed
  • The passenger is only permitted to ride in the vehicle he/she has signed the indemnity form
  • Vehicles must have a known performance of no quicker than 12.00 seconds.
Entry requirements
  • Helmet Requirements - IHRA licence holder is to abide by the current IHRA Australian rule book at any event. The minimum helmet requirement at Test n Tune and Street Series events for street vehicles (i.e - non IHRA licence holders) is AS/NZS 1698.
  • Purpose built race vehicles, cars quicker than 10.50 and motorcycles quicker than 9.50 must comply with the relevant IHRA Australia Class and Safety regulations pertaining to the vehicles
  • Any non IHRA licenced street vehicle running quicker than the Street vehicle regulations WILL NOT receive their time slip 

You can find additional details on different class types at the Willowbank Raceway official website

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