Scott and Luke from Australia’s leading diesel performance experts – GSL FAB – talk you through building the ultimate 79 Series LandCruiser

Toyota 79 Series LandCruiser → Ultimate tourer

After years of modifying, upgrading and building the dream LandCruiser for customers, Scott and Luke have gained extensive knowledge and experience in what makes the ultimate touring 79 Series LandCruiser.

A workhorse that can tow effortlessly, perform exceptionally off-road, while still providing comfort and style. Here is Scott and Luke’s take on the ultimate touring LandCruiser.


The LandCruiser can take you just about anywhere, but unfortunately it lands on struggle street in the comfortability department. If you're spending hours on the road touring, you're going to want to consider the setup of your interior. Scott and Luke step through their list of ‘must have’ interior upgrades to ensure you get most out of the interior in your LandCruiser.
These include a kick-arse sound system, an upgraded roof and centre console (with cup-holders), boost and pyro gauges, comfy seat covers and a steering wheel you can man handle for hours.


Scott & Luke talk us through the rear setup of TAC70. From the rear bar - with all the tow points you need to get out of a sticky situation - to why they built their tray and canopy in-house and what their goals were in doing this. If you're touring, then reduced weight, maximum storage, great lighting, and the ability to boil a kettle are all fairly important.

Tac70 Diesel LandCruiser 4x4


A powerful driveline needs a great suspension system to make it usable. The boys talk through Scott’s suspension upgrades on TAC70, including some great tips on how the right suspension setup and accessories can work to: speed up your journey, improve your comfort and reduce rattles!


When you're on the road or touring the outback, the last thing you want is a roo through the radiator. Scott and Luke outline what they've done to the front of the cruiser to protect it, light up the road, and pull the 4WD out of trouble when you're stuck.


While everything mentioned up to this point makes your trip safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable, Scott & Luke talk us through what they've upgraded on the Landcruiser to get the ultimate touring performance for the TAC70.
The air intake system, cooling, exhaust and more - you won't want to miss this!