GSL Airbox Prado 150 Series

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The GSL Prado 150 Series Airbox

PLEASE NOTE: The GSL Prado 150 series Panel Airbox takes a 70 series Air Filter. 

Improve the efficiency of your engine with an airbox that doesn't leek or dust. Partner that with a performance panel filter, and you'll increase performance and be more than remap ready.

This airbox will fits a standard Prado 150 series intake and supports a 4 inch snorkel/inlet.


Bigger pipe better flow MAF Sensor placement

Keep your engine from dusting

With a strong and secure structure, the GSL Prado 150 series Airbox is made to have a vacuum tight seal to avoid any dusting of the engine. Plastics can bend and warp, which in the long run can open gaps that allow dust into the airbox. With stainless steel, you'll never have to worry about that again. Air gaps will also affect the pressure and density of the air entering the engine, and can mess with the settings in the tune. Again, stainless steel will drastically increase the longevity of your airbox.



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