Spare Tyre Mounting Kit

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The spare tyre mounting kit is supplied in 5mm Raw Aluminium to allow you to custom paint to suit your canopy or tray colour set up. 

Kit contains:

  • Tyre support (raw aluminium, includes 3 bolts)
  • Tyre support bracket (raw aluminium, includes 4 bolts)
  • Tyre holder bolt
  • Spare wheel holder in either black powder coat or raw aluminium

Please note this kit is in raw aluminium as listed above, the Wheel Disc is the only part available to purchase in black powder coat. 

    Note: Bolts may not fit your canopy depending on wall thickness of canopy and wheel offset. There are a number of variable's that can impact whether the bolts will suit your set up or not. You may need to source a longer bolt. This tyre mounting kit is made for -30 to +20 off set. 



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