Just a friendly reminder

New website -

Just a friendly reminder

Hey guys, so we finally did it! We've got our online store running and it's fantastic! yeah it's not completely finished yet, but let's be honest, it'll always be getting updated.

Being said, there might be some little bugs and glitches that you come across, or things that just don't seem right. If you do happen to find anything like this, send an email through to gslmedia@hotmail.com and our lead developer will try and fix it asap.

We still have a fair few products that need to be added, and some more that haven't even been announced yet (stay tuned).
While looking around some product descriptions may not by as fully fledged as others, but this well all come in due time. We'll still need to get photos, write up descriptions and all that jazz before we get it all done.

We just wanted to get it up so you guys could enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase our products online. If you can get some industry leading cruiser mods in a couple clicks of a button, why wouldn't you?

Thanks for reading guys, while you're here, feel free to look around... maybe even treat yourself a little ;)

 Known issues

  • Checkout button occasionally disables itself (refresh page to fix)
  • Incomplete Descriptions
  • Some buttons don't align correctly

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